We like to see InnovativeSEOPlugin as Google's number one competitor. We sell keywords as they do, the only difference is, we rank keywords organically. So instead of having an AD symbol and Paying Per Click, You can have first-page results organically with our SEO Platform, all within google's SEO Guidelines. This is how it works:

Our network consists of over 50k real websites all classified into major and sub-niche categories. It works on the principle of relevant content and relevant back-linking which is what google is indexing. The more relevant the link is, the more trust flow or power it has. For example, if a Mechanic Shop recommends another Mechanic Shop those are considered the best type of links. Now Google ranks your keywords based on the relevance behind those links. So the more relevant the links are, the faster and more powerful your ranking will be. And that’s what makes us unique and probably the most powerful SEO platform, out there. Since we automatically categorize every website into their proper categories and subcategories as they come in; we create a full page of content per keyword, that is then shared within our network with other websites in the same category or industry resulting in High-Quality Backlinks.

We generate High-Quality backlinks and a full supportive page written by our professional content writers per keyword that is then streamed to your website via our plugin embedded in your website. So when google spiders come crawling through your website it'll see for instance if you bought 10 keywords, 10 pages worth of content all with backlinks, citations, and social media links! We know content is king, just ask Wikipedia. If you bought 20 keywords your website will grow 20 pages! But the best part is we don't have to make visual changes to your website. Your website can look as simple and to the point with minimum content and still outrank big competitors.

We also developed an easy to use dashboard with instructions that gives you an inside look and also, the ability to manage all the links and content we provide. You will see where all your content is being shared across our network, what links you're getting, and real-time keyword positioning. We've also integrated Semrush analytics so you'll receive weekly reports directly to your email as part of joining our team. Tell us your thoughts down below!

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